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E-Cigarettes are not Better than regular Smoking

E- Cigarettes have been considered a lesser known evil and hence critics prefer regular cigarettes smoking over vaping. Those in favour of e-cigarettes state that people in power are trying to ban e-cigs using ‘precautionary principle’ as smoking is one of the major killers in the United States.

People switching to nicotine vapour smoking while trying to quit is on the rise though, there is no evidence to prove. However, there is still no proof to say that it is harmful either. Those in favour of the cigarettes argue that smoking which is cited as a risk factor for lung cancer is not the ‘only’ cause. Over 50% of those who suffer from lung cancer are non-smokers.

An article in Annals of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology, states that smoking regular cigarette as well as vaping is not advisable for people who have asthma. This article explains the risk associated with nicotine dependence and usage of regular cigarettes and electronic cigarettes.

Author of this article has stated that the cessation benefits of the cigarettes aren’t yet proved. Andrew Nickels, lead author and MD in The Mayo Clinic Division of Allergy and Immunology stated that, regardless of the fact that e-cig smoking has caused optimism and gained popularity, not enough data or evidence has been developed to suggest e-cigs helps with smoking cessation.

The article states that even e-cigs cause second-hand smoking and is not acceptable around asthmatics. Usage of both regular and e-cigs increases the risk of second hand smoke which has adverse effects on children with asthmatic issues and respiratory problems. Further it also promotes nicotine dependence stated the co-author of the study, Dr Chitra Dinakar.

Further she added that the long-term complications of smoking e-cigs are yet to be identified. E-cigs are promoted as safe alternative and in fact framed information that FDA feels that e-cigs are safe is around. However, the Food and Drug Administration is yet to decide as various studies are conducted to find if it needs regulation or ban.

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