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Your Dreams Can Now Be Controlled! Study

sleep child

Dreams can leave you feeling good about yourself, or even leaving you feeling depressed. They are a succession of ideas, feelings and sensations. Dreams occur at specific stages of sleep and they have been a topic of speculation among scientists and researchers for months on end.

The scientific study of dreams is called oneirology. They are said to happen during the REM [rapid eye movement] stage of sleep when the activity in the brain seems similar to that of when a person’s awake. The duration of your dreams can depend from person to person and an average person is likely to have around 4-5 dreams per night.

sleep child

Researchers have found that dreams are related to our subconscious mind and can be surreal and sometimes downright bizarre. In earlier times dreams were said to be messages from the Gods. Scientists recently discovered that dreams are induced and made up of small electric currents that are directly pushed into your brain.

Some researchers in Germany have devised a way of having a certain group of people have complete control of their dreams. They did so by applying small electric currents to the brain which induces coherent dreams. This instills a state of heightened awareness. This helps the user realize the state that they are in and that they can even influence what happens next.

It may seem like something out of a science fiction movie where users can control their dreams and determine the end results. However, in reality, dreamers during a state of sleep have no record of past memories or future events as per the researchers. Many people have narrated stories of waking up in their dream and having control of how they can manipulate the world around them.

The researcher who let the study Dr Ursula Voss, from the JW Goethe-University in Frankfurt, Germany, speculated, “Promoting gamma oscillations during REM sleep in post-traumatic stress disorder with re-emerging nightmares might trigger lucid dreaming and eventually enable active changes in dream content.”

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