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Chronic Kidney Disease Risks’ Reduced By Walking

Chronic Kidney Disease

With over 26 million people suffering from Chronic Kidney Disease in US, a new research has found that the risks for transplant or dialysis can be reduced by simply walking more.

This research was conducted by a team of doctors in the China Medical University Hospital in Taiwan. The findings were published in Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology.

Chronic Kidney Disease

In a Chronic kidney disorder aka chronic renal failure, a person loses the function of kidney gradually, which when becomes severe, results in kidney failure. During the phases, kidney will find it difficult to remove excess water and waste from body, which will result in piling up for a waste resulting in nerve damage, poor nutritional health, high blood pressure and anemia. In end-stage renal disease or kidney failure, kidney completely stops working where the patient would require regular dialysis or transplantation.

People with CKD have lack of energy and experience fatigue throughout the day, which reduces the level of physical activity they do. However, the researchers of this study stated that simple exercises like walking will benefit people with this disease.

The study included 6363 patients who were of the average age of 70, with CKD between three and five stages. They were followed for 1.3 years and found that out of the study group 21% of the patients engaged in regular walking as a form of exercise. This chunk of patients were less likely to require a transplant or regular dialysis and also reduced their risk of death by 33% in comparison to people who did not have any form of physical activity.

Those who engaged in walking for 1 to 2 times a week reduced the risk of death by 17%, 3 to 4 times by 28%, 5 to 6 times by 58%, 7 times or more by 59%. Similarly, they also reduced the need for kidney transplant or dialysis by 19%, 27%, 43% and 44% respectively compared to those who did not have any form of physical activity.

Co author of the study, Dr. Che-Yi Chou says, “We have shown that CKD patients with comorbidities were able to walk if they wanted to, and that walking for exercise is associated with improved patient survival and a lower risk of dialysis.”.

Study recommends a minimum of 30 min walking per week, but longer walking provides better effects.

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