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Women Advised To Reduce Stress To Increase Chances Of Pregnancy!

Reduce Stress To Increase Chances Of Pregnancy

Women detected with higher levels of stress hormones find difficulty in conceiving. A recent study headed by Dr. Courtney Lynch and her team from the Ohio State University in Columbus, have published their findings in Human Reproduction. Salivary alpha-amylase which is a stress biomarker, to analyze chronic stress, reduces the chances of being pregnant by 15%. Another biomarker, cortisol measures the acute stress levels. Women with highest levels of alpha-amylase have two fold greater risks to infertility.

Reduce Stress To Increase Chances Of Pregnancy

401 couples from Michigan and Texas have participated in this study, during which 373 couples had undergone pregnancy. Dr. Lynch and her colleagues collected salivary samples at the beginning of the study and the morning of their first menstrual cycle. The levels of cortisol and alpha- amylase were taken as markers for this study. Stress is one of the minor factors which lead to infertility. Often other medical reasons are associated which have to be taken care of.

Couples who have issues in getting pregnant for over 12 months should consult physician immediately. The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention has reports which make it clear that reproductive age is not an issue here. 6.7 million Women who face challenges to have a baby, 11% fall within reproductive age. So the bigger concern here lies in how women can fight stress, track ovulation and reduce chances of infertility. Experts report that healthy eating, reducing smoke and alcohol, introducing exercise regime have their charms. Yoga, meditation, walking and jogging can all contribute to reduce stress.

Dr. Lynch addresses the troubled couples by adding, “Stress is not helping you. Whatever you do to lower it, not only can potentially help you get pregnant faster, but if you start your pregnancy healthier”. Infertility can be checked if it is stress related. Women have to understand the root cause and with help of their partners and physicians increase their chances of pregnancy.

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