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WHO Working on Containing the Spread of Ebola Virus and Rumours of Fictitious Cure


With the official death toll reported over 100 in Guinea, the Ebola virus is rapidly spreading as per the World Health Organisation. Deemed a challenging Ebola outbreak to have ever been dealt with, controlling this epidemic could take over 4 months as per WHO. Mr. Keija Fukuda, Asst director-general of the World Health Organisation added that apart from the fatalities in Guinea, the neighbouring country Liberia has also reported 10 deaths so far. Mr. Fukuda added that to contain outbreak they are planning to engage the team completely as it has spread through a wide area, even to the remote tropical forests of the country, it would take some time to completely contain it.


Mr. Fukuda told reporters that the disease being deadly killing over 90% of the people infected by causing both internal and external haemorrhage has created panic around the world. However, the health officials are working and there is no need to panic he added. It is a big challenge to combat the rumours than the disease itself. He also mentioned a recent incident in Guinea, where the localities attacked a treatment centre of Doctors without Borders, accusing them of bringing the virus to the country.

He highlighted that, the health officials are taking all measures to stop the spread of infection and they know how to deal with it. He added concern that rumours spreading on fictitious cures like eating 2 raw onions to keep the virus away are actually deterring the progress.

Official reports show that 157 people have been suspected to have contacted the disease out of which 67 of them have been confirmed. Saudi Arabian officials have suspended the visas for pilgrims from the West African countries, specifically Guinea and Liberia. A spokesperson of WHO informed the reporters that the suspected cases in Sierra Leone, Ghana and Mali have been cleared.

Mr. Thomas Nanbay, of the Liberian Health Ministry has appealed to the people of Liberia on radio to immediately get treated when they find symptoms as ‘denial’ will only increase the criticality of the disease and help spread it.

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