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West Milford to Host the Second Coaches vs. Cancer Event on April 23rd

Second Coaches vs. Cancer Event

West Milford High School Relay for Life team is going to host the second Coaches versus Cancer Basketball Tournament on Friday, 23rd of April, in the gymnasium of high school.

Second Coaches vs. Cancer Event

Sophia Metcalf, the organizer of the event stated that the students will have a nice opportunity to play against their teachers, coaches, and themselves too, raising funds for the Relay of Life effort to discover a cure for cancer. She was actively involved in the annual Relay of Life since her days in elementary school.

“It’s an event to encourage community and charity at the high school,” said Metcalf, who further mentioned – “We were able to donate about $500 to the fund last year and would like to increase that amount this year. The student body and the faculty are very supportive of the Relay in the building and we’re grateful for everything they do. There’s no doubt in my mind they’ll continue to be just as supportive this year. Hopefully we’ll raise $600 or more.”

She stated that there is plenty of excitement in and around the school about the event. And, this surely shows the spirit of relay and the spirit of high school as well.

Metcalf further mentioned that she is hoping the event to be a grand success. Her team is concerned about leaving behind a legacy in school and they want to teach the other students that they can also give back something valuable to the community, both on a national and local scale.

She further added – “The Relay is a great way to do that, and a very visible way. We just hope to see these events continue into next year and every year after.”

The event is expected to begin at 6 and continue till 9 p.m. The estimated fee is $3 for audience and $5 for participants. There is going to be a three-on-three basketball tournament between the students and teachers to directly benefit the Relay for Life.

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