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Welcome The Morning Sun And Get Toned!

Morning Sun

We are just one step away to getting that perfect waistline. Researchers from Northwestern University, Feinberg School of Medicine have monitored 54 adults living in Chicago for their study. The participants were asked to wear wrist gears to measure the exposure in sunlight and maintained records of their food and fluid intake. This along with sleep hours were analyzed to come to the conclusion that exposure to morning sun reduces BMI (Body Mass Index). The findings of which have been published in journal Plos One.

Morning Sun

Research associate, Ms. Kathryn Reid has added that exposure to light maintain our circadian rhythm and promotes sleep. In another independent study, it was found that people who suffered from insomnia, have higher hormonal levels of leptin and ghrelin, this has lowered after exposure to early sunlight.  Also when obese women were exposed to morning sunlight in another study, there was regulation in their metabolism and slight decrease in body mass.

There was another interesting fact which came up with this observation. Body mass index was related to mean light timing above threshold. This refers to amount of exposure, the brightness of sun light and the duration of exposure. The exposure of light of around 500 lux in early hours has found to be immensely beneficial. With every hour of delay our BMI rises by 1.28 points. This study was correlated with other demographic factors like age, gender, amount of exercise and amount of sleep. After careful analysis, an achievable task is suggested where exposure to light throughout the day is found to control body weight and check BMI. Regulating BMI is first step to stop many lifestyle diseases like heart defects, hypertension, cardiovascular disorders and obesity. The take home message is to enjoy morning sun and stay healthy and fit.

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