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Weight Loss Surgery Attributes To Change In Appetite!

Weight Loss Surgery

Scientists have correlated weight loss with change in appetite. Gastric bypass leaves a change in taste buds as reported by the patients who have undergone the same. The study was conducted by Leicester Royal Infirmary in Britain. Dr. Lisa Graham and her team had interacted with people who had undergone the gastric bypass surgery at the University Hospitals of Leicester for over duration of ten years and analyzed this data. The findings of this study are published in the journal Obesity Surgery.

Weight Loss Surgery

The patients experienced changes in their taste on a daily and regular basis. During the year 2000-2011, around hundred and three patients had given their feedback on taste change. A set of questionnaires were given to the patients. Each one of them answered around thirty three questions on taste and smell of food. The changes were not yet document in any scientific literature till now. Surprisingly around forty two percent of the patients who had undergone this surgery had experienced change of taste. Among them around seventy three percent patients, felt a change in the way food tasted now after surgery than before. This was especially reported for sweet and sour tasting foods.

This dislike was also seen post the weight loss operation. The patients who had undergone this surgery showed significant weight loss even after surgery compared to people who did not. Sudden change of taste buds had reduced total food consumption and hence reduced their body mass index (BMI), significantly. Dr. Graham and her team found out that sensory changes were due to combination of gut hormone and effects of the central nervous system. During this Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, both stomach and intestines are shortened. The sensory responses post surgery are always not reported negative, they are sometimes unchanged. The feedbacks varied with patients however there was a change in appetite among majority of the candidates, after gastric bypass weight loss surgery.

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