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Walking-Jogging-Slow Running-Running: the Right Way to Become a Runner


In an interview with Fox news, Jen Van Allen, a certified running coach mentioned that for amateur runners stepping into the world of running might be challenging because there is fear of getting hurt, boredom and also comparison with real runners. She is the Co-author of “The Runner’s World Big Book of Running for Beginners” and also a 48 time Marathon runner. She stated that every time a person pushes themselves forward and farther, discomfort arises. The problem with most people is that when they start, they run fast because they can, and eventually get hurt.


As per many fitness experts, for better results, it is always ideal to start running slowly or walking for the 1st few days and then gradually building up the tempo ignoring the temptation to run fast. This thought is supported by a man Allen, who says that walking should be done for 1st 4 to 6 weeks to build up a habit before one starts to run. This is the right way to go about to take running on a long term.

She further explained that, it is important to start focusing on the rhythm and running in the comfortable time and safe route. It is also important to decide if you’ll be running alone or with a partner. While running it is important to keep your eyes focused on the horizon and using arm movements alongside the running movements instead of crossing the torso. It is also important to stay relaxed (both shoulders and brows). While running the runners should start checking from top to bottom, relaxing the body parts or any tense area.

Exercise physiologist of American Council on Exercise, Jacque Ratliff stated that if running is chosen as an exercise regimen it should comprise flexibility, mind and body coordination and strength to be a successful.


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