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Wales To Soon Ban Electronic Cigarette


Electronic cigarette companies have received one more blow and this time from Wales. The battery-powered smoking device after facing several criticisms in the US and couple of restrictions on sales there, it has landed with the same in the United Kingdom.
Wales become the first part of ban in UK in enclosed public spaces. It is feared the use of e-cigarettes may re-normalize smoking the traditional cigarettes.

Mark Drakeford, Health Minister of Wales, said the speedy popularity of the smoking device could undermine the health benefits of banning real cigarettes in public spaces that came to force in 2007.

The e-cigarettes does not use tobacco, but uses vaporized flavored liquid nicotine. It is said to help people in quitting conventional smoking.

The proposal of banning the device in public spaces in Wales came after fierce debate over the health impact of it. Proponents said it helps to quit smoking.

Drakeford added further that he was concerned the device would again boost up the number of smokers and he wants the new generation to become less addicted to cigarettes.

The proposals of Drakeford are open until June 24 for consultation and will go to the Welsh Assembly after that if backed. Wales has the power of running its own education and health services.

Presently e-cigarettes are banned in several countries like Brazil, Singapore, New York and Los Angeles.

Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) data says around 1.3 million people use the electronic cigarette device in Britain, which earlier this year banned selling of it to under 18 age group.

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