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Vials Of The SARS Virus Are Missing!

SARS Virus

Around thousands of vials of the deadly SARS virus goes missing from a lab in France. SARS or Severe acute respiratory syndrome is a viral respiratory disease. There was a major outbreak of the same in 2002-2003 in southern parts of China. With a fatality rate of 9.6% it claimed more than 700 lives and affected around eight thousand people. It is caused by the SARS coronavirus (SARS-CoV) and can spread rapidly. As of now it is still a disease that is rare.

SARS Virus

The early symptoms are similar to that of the flu. This could include fever, myalgia, lethargy symptoms, cough, sore throat, and other non-specific symptoms. The one common symptom which was realized in all patients suffering from SARS was a fever which was above 100 degrees Fahrenheit. As of now there are no known cures or vaccines to treat the virus.

There were more than 2,300 vials of the deadly virus samples missing from the Pasteur Institute in Paris which is said to be under the most stringent security. The research team is insistent on the fact that there is really no cause for panic and the samples do not have any ‘infectious potential’.

The tubes were found missing recently when there was an inventory search conducted at the lab. Since they could not find the vials they had to call on the France’s drug and health safety agency to help with the search. Inspectors from the Agence nationals de sécurité du medicament et des products de santé have been on the lookout for this deadly virus but have been unable to locate it.

“We looked for the boxes everywhere,” Mr Bréchot told Le Monde. “We went through the lists of all the people who have worked here for the past year and a half, including interns. We analysed their profiles to check there was no conflict of interest,” he said.

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