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US Heroin Addicts Facing Treatment Challenges


Heroin is soon becoming one of the popular drugs in the United States and the number of heroin addicts has grown considerably which is ultimately creating obstacles and challenges for heroin addicts to get themselves treated.

DrugsWhile there are many heroin addicts that are happy with the way they are, but there are many that would like to get some treatment and overcome obstacles, but unfortunately they have many challenges to jump over. Among the top challenges are that there are no beds available in packed facilities and the treatment is expensive and insurance companies are not going to pay for inpatient rehabilitation.

Some of the heroin addicts now feel that they are unable to help themselves and therefore struggle and fail. Many of the heroin addicts have claimed that the treatment facilities have denied permission because the insurance companies are not covering the cost. Many of the heroin addicts generally prefer marijuana and prescription painkillers for getting high, but since they cannot afford that they drop down to heroin that comes relatively cheap.

Many of the heroin treatment facilities claim that they do not have beds for the patients and therefore they cannot do anything about it. The number of heroin addicts has doubled from 2007 to 2012. At the moment, only 2.5 million American heroin addicts are being treated out of 23.1 million American heroin addicts. While there are 12,000 addiction treatment programs available nationwide, but they too fail to make an impact and provide some relief to heroin addicts that would like to get sober.

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