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Uniform Packaging for Tobacco in the UK

Tobacco in the UK

Come next year, the United Kingdom government has plans on doing away with the current packaging on tobacco products. This move was initiated due to a study that stated that it could result in reduction of younger kids taking to smoking.

Tobacco in the UK

The health Minister, Jane Ellison, said that she didn’t see any reason as to why the legislation could not be passed and come into effect before the General Elections which are due to be held in May 2015. This was announced when she introduced the findings of uniform packaging reviewed by pediatrician Cyril Chantler.

Australia already follows the uniform packaging for all its cigarette packets since December of 2012. The governments in Ireland, Scotland and New Zealand are also leaning towards casting a ban on branded packaging. UK is merely following suit in a bid to curtail smoking in younger kids. Europe has taken a stern stance on the same by making it a law to feature a combined pictorial and text alert covering 65 percent of the front and back. They have even gone to the extent of eradicating cigarettes that come with mentholated flavors and even roll-your-own tobacco cigarettes.

Imperial, the U.K. market leader and Europe’s second-biggest maker of cigarettes, said today that there’s “no robust evidence” to reinstate the use of plain packaging. It even stated that ever since this law came into effect in Australia, there has been no decrease in the level of smoking. In fact, they have seen a surge in illicit trade as a direct result of the ban on packaging. Pediatrician Cyril Chantler, says that the standardized packaging will lead to “a modest but important reduction” on the uptake and commonness of smoking in the UK.

Tobacco kills as many as 695,000 people a year in the European Union, or one every 45 seconds, according to the European Commission. That maybe reasons enough to try various methods to curtail the growing epidemic that is smoking.


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