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Uncontrollable Ebola Epidemic Outbreak in Guinea: Toll Rises to 78


The deadly hemorrhagic fever ‘Ebola’ has been spreading in Guinea recently. ‘Doctors Without Borders’ reported that so far 78 people have died. A leading agency reported that the epidemic is spreading rapidly and has reached the country’s capital. The report further added that there are 122 patients who are suspected to have this disease as they show strong symptoms.


According to the World Health Organization’s report, out of the 78 total deaths 2 took place in Sierra Leone and one in Liberia, the neighboring countries. How it reached the neighboring countries is still not known according to WHO. However, as it is contagious in nature, people were visiting the dead from different parts of the country touch the body in the customary manner through which it could have spread. Further, the government has put a ban on eating bats, which is a delicacy in the country. These bats carry and transmit this Ebola virus.

Mariano Lugi, a coordinator of the Doctors without Borders informed that people have recorded symptoms of this hemorrhaging disease in 3 different provinces around the border of the country, and also in Conakry, the coastal capital. This epidemic, according to Mr. Lugli is spreading very rapidly and quickly as never seen before. Further he added that what is worrisome is that unlike the previous epidemics, it is not contained geographically and it has even spread to the remote areas of the country. This is what is troublesome as it complicates the tasks and it is very difficult to control the epidemic.

Described as one of the world’s most deadly diseases, Ebola outbreak this time is due to the deadly strain named the ‘Zaire’ which has a fatality rate of up to 90%. All people detected with this show heavy internal and external bleeding. Further, as it does not have any cure, it is creating more panic among the public.

According to the Medecins Sans Frontieres, an organization working on controlling the disease, the virus spreads through the blood system very quickly and shuts the immune system completely. Symptoms include fever, headache, muscle pain, initially, which later turns into bleeding


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