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UK Government Focuses on Plain Cigarette Packaging


There is no doubt that governments around the world spend a lot on healthcare and that they would like to cut down the spending on healthcare. Now, UK government has decided to introduce plain packaging strategy which is their latest weapon against their war on smoking. cigarettesFor the UK government the biggest challenge is to cut down the number of smokers in the country, but that has not happened yet. As per the new study more than 200,000 under-16 people start smoking in the UK annually.

The government has already ban advertising for all cigarette companies, but these firms still make use of cigarette pack that remains their last resort to advertise their brand and promote their cigarettes. Many insiders believe that cigarette companies take lot of care and attention when it comes to cigarette pack designs to ensure that they lure more smokers with better lamination and special effects and foil decorations and slide openings that attract smokers. Manufacturers argue that this is done not to boost their revenue and to lure more customers to smoking, but for switching brands. The new law will continue to retain text and picture warnings for the smokers.

The idea behind plain packaging is that smokers quit smoking and focus on their health which would lead to better life and also help government to spend less on healthcare. As per the new suggestions provided by the UK government they are trying to follow certain ideas that they believe will help the country to cut down the number of smokers.

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