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Two Cups of Coffee a Day Keeps Cirrhosis Away


The therapeutic effects of non alcoholic beverages like green tea, fruit juices, hot chocolate and coffee have been a point of curiosity for many decades now.  Until recently researchers from Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School and the National University of Singapore, conducted a control study on 63,275 participants. The medical history, eating habits and lifestyle o Chinese subjects were taken in consideration. The lead researcher Dr. Woon-Puay Koh took participants between the ages 45 to 74 and based out of Singapore. The effect of coffee consumption and reduced chances of liver cirrhosis were established. The findings of this study have been published in the Journal Hepatology.


The World Health Organization has reports that liver cirrhosis contributes to 1.3 % of deaths globally. Overall results of this study has convincig data to believe, that consumption of 20 g of ethanol each day increases chances of mortality due to liver cirrhosis even for non drinkers. On the other hand consuming two or more cups of cofee reduces the mortality due to non viral liver cirrhosis by 66%. Dr Koh and her team has found different results of effects of coffee in Western and Asian populations. She comments, ‘Our findinds suggests that while the benefit of coffee may be less apparent in the Asian population where chronic viral hepatitis B predominates currently, this is expected to change as the incidence of non-viral hepatitis related cirrhosis is expected to increase in these regions,accompanyinh the increasing affluence and westernizing lifestyles amongst their younger populations’.

Medical News Today had reported a recent research from CDC, Centre for disease control and prevention, thatconsumption of 200 mg of caffeine daily boosts the memory cells apart from reduced risks to liver cancer and cirrhosis. In US alone 50% of individuals resort to drinking coffee everyday. With improved lifestyle, limiting alcohol consumption and drinking coffee we can keep our liver healthy and intact.

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