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Tobacco Plant May Help In Fighting Against Cancer: Research

Tobacco Plant

Tobacco plant may in future help people to fight against the deadly disease cancer. Researchers have found a molecule in its flower that is capable of targeting the cancer cells and rip them open.

The new finding is published in the eLife journal.
Tobacco Plant
Lead researcher of the study, Dr Mark Hulett, said even though initially it seems to have irony, but it is a welcome discovery. He added that a promising feature of the molecule is that it does little damage to the healthy cells. It only targets the cancer cells.

Dr Hulett is from La Trobe Institute of Molecular Science in Victoria. He said the major issue with cancer therapies which are available today are that the treatment is indiscriminate.

He feels confident that the new finding with result in the development of new drugs in a new type of antibiotic to fight against cancer.

Dr Hulett explains that the molecule is found in ornamental tobacco plants’ colorful flower.

Dr Marc Kvansakul said the new discovery is like an unexpected way to fight disease and seems like finding gold in an unexpected place.

Team of Dr Kvansakul is tasked with explaining how the process works. He said the tobacco plant as a whole is not bad, but mankind has done bat with it. He added that the new research has open eyes that molecules in plants and animals can help in defending against disease.

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