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The Increased Cases Of Nicotine Poisoning From E-Cigarettes Among Children, Have Raised Questions On Their Safety!


If you want to quit smoking, e-cigarettes is not the only alternative. Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, reports that number of people inhaling liquid nicotine from electronic cigarettes has increased by 215 every month since mid 2010 to February this year. Another disturbing detail, which has come up is more than 51% cases of nicotine poisoning were children of five years of age or below. This is a shocking outcome, as no parent would want their child exposed to smoke and risk their health. Even health organizations have reacted to this, Dr. Tim McAfee, from Centre for Disease Control and Prevention’s Office on Smoking and Health adds, “The time has come to start thinking about what we can do to keep this from turning into an even worse public health problem.”


Dr. Vincenzo Maniaci, from Miami Children’s Hospital, also agrees that children are more vulnerable to secondary smoking and e-cigarettes are to be blamed for nicotine poisoning. These cigarettes come in fruit and peppermint flavors which kids find attractive. The modes of inhalation in adult is through breathing or inhaling however children tend to swallow the liquid or rub it on their skin. This is extremely toxic for infants. They feel drowsy, nauseated and sometimes even have seizures. Doctors recommend that on showing any of these symptoms, the patients should be immediately headed for emergency.

Even though the manufacturers of E-Cigarettes have claimed that they curb the urge to conventional cigarette smoking, FDA (Food and Drug Association) has their doubts. On analyzing the smoke they have found that variable traces of nicotine and traces of toxic chemicals like carcinogens in popular brands. U.S FDA Administration has planned to regulate the packaging and include child safety locks and warning labels on brands that market e-cigarettes.

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