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The 137 Health Benefits of Vitamin D Could Really Be a Myth

Vitamin D

Clinical trials and observational studies conducted by researchers have revealed that the 137 health benefits of Vitamin D for the body could really be a myth. This applies to both naturally circulating Vitamin D as well as the supplements in taken.

Vitamin D

As per the researchers from USA, UK and few countries in Europe, data compiled from the studies and trails are mostly inconclusive. Out of all the benefits stated, 10 benefits have been researched well and clinical trials conducted. However, the one that has substantial evidence is that Vitamin D levels of a pregnant mother influences the birth weight of the infant.

Researchers have suggested that there are probable links between level of vitamin D in body and dental caries in children just like the birth weight. Further, there is also probable link between vitamin D and the level of parathyroid hormone in people suffering with chronic kidney diseases. However, according to them, there is no concrete evidence and hence more studies and clinical trials should be conducted to get a conclusive decision.

A recent paper published by a team of international researchers at Erasmus Medical Centre and the University of Cambridge has reported that level of vitamin D in body could increase the mortality risk of people suffering from cancer, cardiovascular diseases and few other chronic conditions. The data from various observational studies conducted and a random clinical trial works were analysed to come to this conclusion. According to the researchers, this could be caused both due to naturally circulating vitamin D as well as the supplements in taken (both vitamin D2 and D3). Further, lower levels of circulating vitamin D in the blood also has adverse effects and likely to cause fatality in patients having cardiovascular diseases according to the paper.


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