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Study Suggests That White Boys Are More Likelier to Develop Color Blindness

Develop Color Blindness

White boys are more prone to color blindness, while the black boys have lower risks, according to a recent study. The researchers also discovered that girls are less likely to face color blindness when compared to boys.

In simple terms, color blindness is the inability to accurately see different colors. The most common condition mainly deals with a genetic mutation that makes it very hard to distinguish green color from red.

Develop Color Blindness

Researchers tested over 4,000 preschoolers, aged 3 to 6 in California and discovered that around 5.6% of white boys suffered from color blindness, compared to 3.1 percent of Asian boys, 2.6 percent of Hispanic boys, and 1.4 percent of black boys.

As per a study published online on April 3rd in the journal Ophthalmology, the rates of color blindness among girls ranged from negligible to 0.5 percent among distinct ethnic/racial groups.

The researchers concluded that the screening for color blindness can actually start at the age of just 4. And, testing kids with this particular condition is very important at an early age, because children with this condition often perform poorly in tests that involve color-coded materials specifically.

Chairman of the Dept. of ophthalmology at USC School of Medicine, who was the lead investigator explained – “Basically, it has got nothing to do with the IQ or smartness level of the child, and it’s just that such kids see things a little differently than the normal people” director of the USC Eye Institute stated in a journal news release.

Children fighting color blindness require a different type of lesson plans that don’t demand the ability to correctly identify colors, and Dr. Verma further added that investigations need to be carried out, and such kids need to be given special treatment early in life, because labeling them as ‘not bright enough’ can be huge stigma for them, which may cause significant anxiety for their family too.”

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