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Study Shows Aspirin Might Be Beneficial For Certain Colon Cancer Patients


Monday, March 31, 2014: A recent study conducted by a group of doctors has shown that using a low dose of aspirin during normal treatment might be beneficial for certain colon cancer patients.
The study, which was conducted among a sample of 1000 patients, found that some of the patients, whose body cells gave off a specific antigen, benefitted the most from aspirin. Though there were a number of people who weren’t affected at all, but still a significant number of patients were benefitted. This benefit was seen and monitored during their regular treatment by a group of doctors.

The death rate of patients who took aspirin in their normal treatment was 11% lower as compared to those who didn’t. The results have taken a long time to come out, as does every important achievement in the medical world. Doctors believe full fledged research results would not be available for at least the next ten years as the healing powers of aspirin are to be tested.

The study has now sparked of a debate among various medical practitioners as to whether further testing should be allowed or not. This is because aspirin, though cheap as compared to cancer treatments, has its’ own side effects on the body. So, a large number of people in the medical fraternity are skeptical about its’ use without getting proven strong results. Still, some are also positive of finding a better and safer cure for cancer as chemotherapy is highly harmful for the patient.

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