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Study Reveals Positive Effects of Ketamine to Treat Depression


There are many patients around the world that suffer depression related problems and therefore drugmakers around the world are busy searching for better anti-depressants that can work wonders. Ketamine has always been used for human anesthetics and veterinary medicine, but as per a new study ketamine can also be used to treat depression.Depression As per this new study in the United Kingdom researchers have conducted their first trial and have discovered that ketamine certainly has the power to resolve depression related issues.

The researchers also claim that ketamine has been used illegally in the country for killing depression and therefore they have gone ahead with the study. For this study, researchers recruited around 28 patients who have been suffering from incurable depression. Some of the patients were in depression for more than two decades. These patients were then provided with six doses of drug for a span of three weeks and each drug infusion lasted for 40 minutes. After the drug was administered participants went through a memory test and they also had to go through report where they mention each day’s symptoms through text and email.

The study claims that eight patients experienced improvements in their depressive symptoms and that they no longer belonged to the depressed group. It was also found that some of the patients responded to the drug in just few hours and they were feeling better. However, there are few side effects as well that have to be resolved before patients switch to ketamine for combating depression.

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