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Student Infected With Measles Kept In Isolation At UC Berkeley University


One of the students at the UC Berkeley has been kept in isolation after he was diagnosed with measles. This is the latest case with the highly contagious disease in a statewide upswing in the number.

The student is said to have attended the classes during the week of March 31 and last Sunday he took a domestic flight from Oakland International Airport and rode BART to Berkeley.

The not-identified boy remained in Berkeley until the diagnosis was confirmed on Friday.

Public Health Officer of the city of Berkeley, Janet Berreman, meanwhile has urged people to get inoculated if not yet immunized. She added further that if an individual receives the measles shot within 72 hours after exposure, the chances of becoming ill is minimized.

State health officials said in 2000 the disease was declared eliminated in the US due to high rate of immunizations where as it is even today widespread in other parts of the world.

Berreman also mentioned that the measles virus can remain active in a room to about two hours after an infected person has been there. It is a highly contagious disease.

The university is trying to contact all the other students who shared took the class with the infected boy and shared living quarters with him. The health center inside the campus, Tang Center, will remain open this weekend to offer vaccinations to the studies who need it.

Earlier in February too one another student was diagnosed with the disease, but Berreman says the two are not related as the student had just traveled to Asia.

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