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Student Declared Too Thin to Face Expulsion: Yale University

Yale University

Ms Frances Chan, 20 year old Yale University student was considered to be too thin or had an eating disorder for being underweight. Health officials of the University had warned Ms Chan to increase her body weight or she would have to face expulsion.

Yale University

Ms Chan informed the New Havens Register that the health officials of University pointed out that her BMI was very less and she was just 92 lbs for 5’ 2”. According to her, in spite of multiple attempts of trying to explain the officials that she had a genetically small body frame; she was forced to put on weight. She was requested to report the weekly weight-in and take urine tests to show that she had no eating disorder.

She informed the media that she was frustrated explaining the official and also eating junk foods like cheetos and having two servings of ice cream per day. She further added that she felt powerless. Eating cookies and ice creams and taking the elevators to avoid any further weight loss was very stressful. In spite of all of this, she had only gained 2 pounds.

After feeling hopeless, she had resorted to writing to the Huffington Post. She had also written to the Yale president, Mr Peter Salovey. She mentioned in the mail that at Yale they teach to see the change they want to see, but it is not happening in reality.

She wrote to the Huffington Post, informing that she is not going to perform any weight check ins or blood or urine tests to prove that she does not have any eating disorder. Further, she does not have any weight gain issues and will not let the health officials of the University let her develop one. She added that, in spite of all this, if the university decides to kick her out let they continue with the process, but meantime, she has to prepare for mid-term exams.

After the issue hit media, the university backed down and decided to allow her to see a new physician to test and show that she does not have any eating disorder. However, she still has to be monitored by the health officials of the University and it will suffice if she checks in once per semester.


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