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Stress During Pregnancy Can Make Your Child Prone To Asthma!

Child Prone To Asthma

Doctors and healthcare workers have advised women for a very long time to be happy and stress free during their pregnancy to deliver healthy baby. Now studies have proved that indeed there is medical significance to be stress free during gestation period. Researchers from the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf in Germany, headed by Dr. Petra Arck have found increased risk of asthma in unborn kids whose moms are under a lot of stress. The findings were supported after a study on 1587 infants and their mothers, by an Australian team. The genetic significance has been established after careful monitoring in this pregnancy study.

Child Prone To Asthma

Infants between ages six and fourteen were the subjects for this study. The parameters to be evaluated were prone to allergy, asthma and eczema. Women who had experienced stressful events in their life, either halfway through their pregnancy or towards the end were susceptible to pass health disorders to their unborn child. The possibility of having asthma attacks were significantly higher among teenagers where mothers to be had undergone stress during the second half of their pregnancy. The complete data of around 994 women has revealed that kids within fourteen years of age have twice the likelihood of developing asthma if their mothers were stressed before they were born. Similarly if there were multiple stressful events, the risks are similar.

The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, also says that for kids below six years of age, the co relation to increased risk in eczema and asthma could not be established with stress. Events like divorce or separation, monetary problems, loss of job, changing base and even death of a close person can add stress during ones pregnancy. There is an increasing need to develop parallel programs where women facing such crisis could be addressed and their stress should be taken care of.

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