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Statins Have Positive Effect On The Sexual Health In Older Men- Study


For long statins have been used by Americans to control their cholesterol level and decrease the risk of heart attacks. A study has found a new use for statins- as a cure for erectile dysfunction in older men.

Statins work to reduce cholesterol in the body both by inhibiting its’ production or absorbing the extra cholesterol in the body. This helps in lowering the risk of heart attacks and strokes.
For long, doctors have attributed the problem of erectile dysfunction to poor health of the heart and the arteries related to blood circulation. A study conducted on 11 persons who were suffering from erectile dysfunction found that statin intake could improve their sexual health by a large degree. It improved the flow of blood, resulting in stark improvements in the erectile function for selected people.

Though the results are not proven and the study is just out of clinical tests, still the results have opened a new door in medicinal research. Statins have their own side effects and their increased use might be bad for health. So in-depth study still needs to be conducted in this matter to establish anything strongly.
There may be multiple effects in the long term, as per many medical practitioners. So, it remains a question of debate whether or not to prescribe it as a medicine to erectile dysfunction patients. Further research is being conducted using statins on a broader sample of different age groups.

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