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Specific Attitudes Show the Willingness to Donate Organs


A recent study has revealed that in America, less than 50% of the people who support organ donation and are eligible actually register and donate. Research conducted and released in the American Psychological Association news release states that supporting a cause does not always results in taking action. However, it also stated that only people who have a positive attitude about donating organs sign up.


Out of the 95% Americans who supports organ donation conducted by poll shows that only about 40% actually register. With over 120000 people waitlisted for organ transplantation as of the end of 2013 in the United States, there are over 18 deaths per day for not receive matching organ transplant. This information was provided by Jason T Siegel, who is the lead researcher in the Claremont Graduate University. He further added in the news release that they are trying to figure out and understand the difference in the support for organ donation against actual registration.

The study found out that people who felt positively ‘specifically as signing up as organ donors’ actually registered. Therefore, it means that people who have ‘specific attitudes’ act upon the good cause, rather than people having ‘general attitudes’. He further added that the researchers who collected data need to keep this attitude in mind. Therefore, while collecting data that is of importance to health-related issues, behaviours like attitude towards organ donation, health-related behaviour and so on should be gathered instead of generalised behaviours like smoking, drinking or keeping doctor’s appointments.

The research was conducted, taking into account 516 participants who were not organ donors. 358 subjects took an online survey and the balance 158 took a written survey. The online survey showed that, measuring specific attitudes over general attitudes was 75% predictive. Specific questions like, would you be registering yourself as an organ donor, how do you feel about organ donation and how do you feel about registering yourself and so on was asked to understand the attitude.


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