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Severe Depression Can Now Be Treated with Party Drug Ketamine!

Ketamine drug

Ketamine, a dance club (party) drug has been used by some researchers to treat severe depression. Dr. Rupert McShane, main investigator of the research stated that the drug works as antidepressant in a great way to treat depression. McShane, who is a researcher in Department of Psychiatry Oxford University and also works as consultant psychiatrist at Oxford Health department stated that the new drug is effective than already existing antidepressants.

Ketamine drug

Investigators stated that ketamine has instant effect in patients, suffering from bad depression and it is extremely effective even for those people who don’t easily respond to other medications.

Ketamine party drug helps many patients with severe depression, said British researchers, who offered infusions of sedative code-named ‘K’ to people. Analysts have tested it on nearly 30 patients, with severe depression syndrome and the drug helped them in fighting the disorder. It’s been stated that the drug has helped a number of patients recover in a matter of just few weeks.

There are many people, suffering from major depression syndromes that may have lasted for years, in spite of taking therapies and multiple antidepressants. Though many people witnessed the problem recurring within couple of days, nearly 30% of them benefited as it took nearly 3 weeks for the disease to relapse, and about 15% got relief for nearly a couple of months.

The drug is stated to cause no bladder or cognitive side effects as reported by six patients, though a few patients experienced side effects like being sick or anxiety!

Rupert McShane, researcher and consultant psychiatrist said – “It’s dramatic and it’s exciting, and it is a novel mechanism. But it’s not about to become a routine treatment.”

The researchers have offered 400 infusions to 45 people and they are finding methods to bring out the positive effects, according to the research posted in publications of Psychopharmacology. 

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