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Salmonella Outbreak: Foster Farms Brand Chicken

Chicken breast

The CDC has been looking into a salmonella outbreak that has been linked to Foster Farms, and it seems as if it isn’t close to being finished. New information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention may have sufficient evidence regarding even more cases with Foster Farm. The CDC had originally reported back in January that the outbreak was over for the most part, but the agency has recently added 43 more people regarding the case (as in 43 more people affected by the whole thing). This brings the total amount of people being affected to 524, which is quite staggering to say the least.
Chicken breast
California had reported that 76 percent of these particular cases, with only 37 percent of the individuals being hospitalized. There haven’t been any deaths yet, but how long are we going to wait before somebody does die from it? Foster Farms has released a statement this week, stating that the company was making significant strides regarding the salmonella levels within its manufacturer facilities.

“Foster Farms is committed to leadership in food safety ad producing the safest chicken on the West Coast. Since October 2013, Foster Farms has developed a multiple-hurdle approach to reduce and eliminated Salmonella at each stage of production – from screening breeder flocks before entering the Foster Farms system, to farms where birds are raised, to the plants where the chicken is processed as a whole bird and when it is cut into parts. As a result, the company steadily reduced the prevalence of Salmonella at the parts level toward a goal of less than 10 percent – well below the USDA-measured industry benchmark of 25 percent”. At least they are making progress on the mistakes they have made, it takes a reputable company to properly clean up their mess.

More Info: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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