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Running, Cycling, Swimming Protects Memory, Thinking Skills Later In Life: Study


In a new study conducted in the US it was found aerobic exercises in the 20s help in protecting the brain in middle age. The activities include cycling, swimming and running. It helps in better thinking skills.

The new study is published in the Neurology journal and it says brain benefits from good heart health.

The study was conducted by researchers at the University of Minnesota. They tested about 3,000 healthy people and the average age of the subjects were 25. All the participants had to undergo treadmill tests of cardiovascular fitness between a gap of 20 years.

Cardio fitness is a measurement of absorption of oxygen in the body during exercise that further gets transported to the muscles.

The subjects were asked to run until they become exhausted or short of breath in the first year. A test taken in later part of their life measured memory and thinking skills.

The researchers found those who ran longer performed better 25 years later in memory and thinking skills test. The high cholesterol, diabetes, smoking and other factors were adjusted.

One of the authors of the study, Dr David Jacobs, said many similar studies also showed benefits of good heart health to brain.

“This is one more important study that should remind young adults of the brain health benefits of cardio fitness activities such as running, swimming, biking or cardio fitness classes,” he add.

Dr Jacobs is from University of Minnesota, Minneapolis.

Alzheimer’s Society spokeswoman said it is evident that exercise reduces risk of cognitive decline as well as dementia.

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