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Roche Buys Rights To Market Cancer Suppressing Gene Drug From Oryzon


The Swiss drug maker is all set to maintain its number one position in the field of Oncology. In a recent event Roche has bought the rights to develop and market an experimental drug from Oryzon Genomics, which is another leading pharmaceutical brand from Spain. This experimental drug is believed to switch on gene functions and block tumor progression and growth.


The experimental drug, ORY-1001, is in its early phases of clinical trials, and was approved for continuing trials since last year by the European health regulators. This drug will benefit patients struggling for acute myeloid leukemia, which has very mortality among variants in blood cancer.

Roche has always been in business of developing drugs to fight cancer. It has earned immense revenues from marketing its top selling drugs like MabThera, Herceptin and Avastin, which are all complex proteins from living tissue samples. The recent venture with Barcelona based Oryzon, is multimillion dollar collaboration. Roche has made an upfront payment of $21 million and would pay $500 million or more if the desired goals are met on conducting further clinical trials.

Over many decades researchers with collaboration with pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, have tried to improve existing drugs to cure cancer. Roche, has also improved the versions of old drugs on cancer treatment, and has developed experimental medicines to achieve better results. Drugs to make immune responses stronger are simultaneously developed to combat cancer and check its advancements.

The drug, ORY-1001 without altering the DNA pattern, blocks the enzyme Lysine Specific Demethylase. This in turn turns off the genes which are promoters to developing certain kinds of leukemia. Ventures like this is looked upon as ideal where scientific minds can collaborate and apply epigenetic study to better understand the mechanisms of activation and deactivation of genes and ultimately make treatments available.

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