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Prostate Cancer Tests Are Insufficient To Determine The Severity!


The American Cancer Society says that cancer in prostate constitutes around 33% of all cancer cases. There are often no early signs of detection which makes it even more difficult to be diagnosed. Recently scientists have raised their concerns regarding the ability of experts to analyze and grade cancers. This leaves a serious question as to whether some patients are given false hopes regarding their stage of cancer progression, as if so it seriously hampers the line and course of treatment further.
In a recent publication in The British Journal of Cancer, researchers found that more than half the men in their study, who had been diagnosed of slow growing cancers later showed dangerous tumors and malignancy. Their cancer was not restricted to prostate gland but had spread to other parts of the body as well. This raises doubt on the active surveillance strategy.  Prostate cancers are graded by their biopsy samples, and such mistakes are can cost life of the patient. The researchers from the Cancer Research Department, in Cambridge had confirmed their findings with 800 patients whose tumors were staged and graded before they underwent surgery to remove prostate. A total of 415 patients were previously classified under slow growing cancers. However after surgery, it was confirmed that 209 of them had aggressive cancer even before surgery and unfortunately for 131 of them the cancer had spread throughout their body and beyond prostate gland.

There is an urgent need to develop new diagnostic and biopsy techniques. Counseling will be proper if the techniques involve MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) techniques, where men can understand the severity. More than one third of men would undertake radiotherapy and undergo surgery within five years of detection, without any further delay. It is also a relief to know that older men when diagnosed with slow growing cancers may not even develop full blown tumors in their lifetime. Prostate cancers if checked and understood in time can save lives.


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