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How Pregnancy Advice Has Changed Over the Years

Pregnancy Advice

In earlier generations women who were with child were told it was OK to have a cocktail to calm their nerves. There were even suggestive advertisements that said cigarettes could help calm a pregnant woman down. So much so, people even advised that pregnant women should get as much bed rest as possible and avoid any kind of excitement. There was also very little thought given to whether women should get any exercise at all, and if so how much.

Pregnancy Advice

Gone are the days when women followed all of that. Now, the advice and thought-process has come a long way. People have changed the way they think and rely more on scientific reasoning rather than old wives’ tales. Researchers have figured out the risks faced by pregnant women and how they can protect their own health and the health of the life growing inside of them. The more researchers delve deeper the more they find out about the vulnerability women who are pregnant face. They have even researched the duration and the consequences of these effects.

All said and done researchers stressed on the fact that even thought they should be precautious, they should never feel stressed about things that they cannot control. “It’s not about living in fear, it’s about living life to its fullest,” said Dr. Hope A. Ricciotti, chairwoman of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

Pregnancy offers a whole new window for women to improve upon their lifestyle and mannerisms. Dr. Ricciotti says that it is this very change that lays the brickwork for years to come in the infants life. “It’s a jumping off point for exercise and dietary changes that can then stick for life,” Ricciotti said.

“You do the best you can do, but you still need to pursue happiness,” R. Thomas Zoeller, an endocrinologist and professor of biology at the University of Massachusetts Amherst said. “It doesn’t advance your ability to be a good parent to be nervous about these kinds of things. There are certain things we know about. You can deal with those and move on.”

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