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Is popular music encourage teens to drink more?


We’ve all been guilty of it, but then again who doesn’t want to mimic the things that their favourite musicians talk about in their songs? Everybody has been questioning certain genres of music when it comes to the behaviour of people, and it seems as if this may apply to drinking as well. A new study has dove deeper into the matter, and the results are quite shocking in a way.
“That crazy new music is bad for the kids.” Is something that every generation has to say when it comes to the new type of music, and a new study has suggested that it actually might be true. There is a team of researchers in Pittsburgh that chose to look into the matter, and it saw that young adults and teens whom listened to music promoting brands of vodka (as well as tequila and other types of alcohol) were at a higher risk of consuming alcohol, as well as a higher risk of binge drinking. The new era of party music most definitely sports an alcoholic tone to it, so it’s no surprise that it has an effect amongst young adults.

The study provided an insight on how young adults react to these types of songs, alcohol plays a major role in the death of young adults these days. Whether its simply a shorter life expectancy or a disease that is developed through drinking, there are most definitely dangers. 39 percent of young adults and adolescents have admitted to drinking alcohol, while a whopping 20 percent have come forward as binge drinkers. Is it the music that is making the kids drink this much? If it is, is there something we can do about it?

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