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Pop Music Alcohol References Play A Part In Teenage Binge Drinking


When it comes to the modern era of music we’re all completely aware of the enthusiasm the artists have been lacking. It seems as if all anybody wants to listen to is party music and stuff along the lines of that, which means the result of pop music references regarding alcohol increasing the risk of teen binge drinking not so unbelievable.
If you listen to any of the mainstream songs out there right now that are getting constant radio play, plenty of them are making multiple references to alcohol. When it comes to mainstream media, most teenagers will gobble up anything they see or happen to read about. They have very mold-able minds, so this makes the referencing of alcohol something that is rather silly in retrospect.

“Every year, the average adolescent is exposed to about 3,000 references to alcohol brands while listening to music,” stated Brian A. Primack., M.D, Ph.D. Brian is also the lead author regarding the study that looked into the link, research stated that a teenager will hear about 2.5 hours of pop music daily. This means that have around 2.5 hours of being potentially vulnerable to alcoholic ads within music. Not only that, but there are plenty of brand-names being thrown out their during the songs as well.

“It is important that we understand the impact of these references in an age group that can be negatively affected by alcohol consumption.” Primack continued. Of course teenagers are going to find themselves in situations that involve alcohol, it’s almost inevitable when you’re talking about it; but the fact that music can contribute to the whole thing is rather strange.

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