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Poor Sleeping Patterns In Children a Result of Too Much TV


As If it wasn’t as obvious, it seems as is TV has ties with poor sleep patterns in young boys and girls. Everybody watches TV, and of course some would say they watch TV a little too much, but this is a problem particularly for young children. Another thing to look at is the fact about ethnic groups (such as blacks or Latinos, as well as many other minority children) slept a lot less when there was TV set in their bedrooms.
“Inadequate sleep in childhood is associated with health outcomes, including attention problems, school performance, and an increased risk of obesity,” stated Elizabeth Cespedes, whom is the lead author of this particular study (she is also from the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston). “We wanted to know if television viewing may be associated with shorter sleep duration in children,” she stated.

This new report used data from an already existent study, this particular one was based on mothers and children whom lived in the respective Boston area. There were 1,864 children in the trials, all of which were born between the years of 1999 and 2003. The mothers would report how much television their children were exposed to during a period of time (from the age of six months until the age of seven).

Mothers were also supposed to report whether their child had slept with their own personal television set in their rooms or not (every year since about halfway through the initial study). The average time pertaining to the children sleeping had gone down, as it decreased about 12 hours at the six months mark, continuing on to 10 hours at the seven year mark.

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