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Physical Activities Can Slow Down Dementia Risk

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Dementia is a mental problem that is usually related with elderly people, but a new study claims that physical activity can actually help older women to slow down the progression of dementia. The new study done called HealthDay claims that exercising at least twice a week seems to boost the size of the hippocampus which is usually associated with verbal memory and learning.
Brain (2)
The report claims that older women that go through physical activities usually do not go through dementia problems because the activities help in boosting the size of hippocampus. The report indicates that hippocampus is very sensitive to the effects of aging and other neurological damages that come through age.

For the study, researchers decided to involve 86 women aged 70 to 80 years and that had mild memory problems which is also known as mild cognitive impairment. Researchers believe that this is a common risk factor for dementia. All the women were assigned with either twice weekly hour long sessions of brisk walking and resistance trainings or balance and muscle toning exercises. The size of the hippocampus was assessed at the start of the study through MRI scan and also after the study was complete.

Researchers found that all the women that went through aerobic training had larger hippocampus compared to those who were doing balance and muscle toning exercises. The report also focused on their poor memory and learning capacity and found that women that went through physical activities and aerobic training had some improvement in their verbal memory and learning skills.

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