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Pfizer ‘S Drug Delays the Progression of Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer

There is a new hope to betterment for women diagnosed with breast cancer. The US Food and Drug Administration has approved the phase 2 trial study of hormone drug leptrozole and experimental drug palbociclib, as they are found to prolong cancer free life by almost two years. Dr. Mace Rothenberg, chief medical officer of Pfizer’s oncology unit, states that administration of two drugs together is believed to prolong cancer free life by 20.2 months, as compared to letrozole alone, which can only stop progression for 10.2 months.

Breast Cancer

The drugs target the protein released after cell divisions in post menopausal women with localized or advanced breast cancer and check their spread to other cells. Advanced cases of cancer are seen with women having both oestrogen positive receptors and HER2 negative. The first stands where tumor progresses in presence of oestrogen hormone and second variant is where tumor progression is not dependent. Oestrogen blocker drug is sold by Novartis in the brand name Femara. Similar trails were conducted where only 30% of patients, out of 165 women had died earlier.

Dr Richard Finn, associate professor of medicine at the University of California has stated that this drug is still to be established as statistical significance have not yet been analyzed and women undergoing treatment are yet to be followed up. The side effects have been reported by the American Association for Cancer Research which includes low blood cell counts and fatigue. Both of which are however common in cancer patients but with medications can be manageable. Dr Judy Garber, a breast cancer specialist at Boston’s Dana-Farber Cancer Institute also added that though breast can have variety of signs and symptoms in different patients, this drugs is seen as a new hope. Similar initiatives were taken by other pharmaceutical giants like Lilly and Novartis.

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