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People Prone To Asthma Attacks Have Increased Risk To Bone Loss!


Scientists have come up with new study where they have shown association between incidences of breathing problems and risk for bone loss. In a study around 7000 adults in South Korea where examined on basis of their past medical history of asthma related problems and bone density. It was found that a region in spine had lower bone density for participants who had breathing problems than those who did not have any symptoms.
Some men and women suffer from airway hyper responsiveness, where their airways are particularly sensitive to trigger breathing problems and eventually asthma attacks. Dr. Sonal Singh from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore says that asthma does trigger the risk to bone loss but the extent of risk to fractures is yet to be studied.

In US, 25 million Americans suffer from asthma according to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention records. There has been prediction that by 2020 half of the Americans will also suffer from bone loss. Reports from Seoul National University Medical Research Center, by researcher Dr. Jae-Woo Jung confirm that average bone density was lower among 216 people in lumbar region. Among the group, 45% of patients showed osteopenia, and six percent of them were diagnosed for osteoporosis. The findings for the same have been published in the Annals of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology.

Lower vitamin D levels were diagnosed among patients with asthma and related symptoms, previously. Fractures are a side effect of the steroids administered to treat asthma. Inhaled steroids in particular have been linked to decrease in bone density as they limit the absorption of calcium. The National Institute of health also adds that steroids interfere with production of sex hormones that further weakens the muscle strength. It is recommended that asthma patients should take more calcium rich food and dairy products, to increase their bone strength.


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