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Pelvic Exercise Come As a Solution to Chronic Premature Ejaculation in Men

Pelvic Exercise

A recent study has revealed that men who do regular pelvic exercises can avoid chronic premature ejaculation. In spite of various treatments, some do not show any improvement. The results of the study shows that there is hope for these men who have had lifetime issues and tried antidepressants, prescribed drugs, creams and even underwent behavioral therapy without any improvements.

Pelvic Exercise

Pelvic Floor Exercises Can Treat Lifelong Premature Ejaculation (Photo : Facebook/Pelvic Exercises)

The study included a group of 40 men who were aged between 19 and 46 and had premature ejaculation problem. The average ejaculation time of these men was 32 seconds, which by end of the study was increased to 2.5 minutes after undergoing a specific pelvic exercise program that lasted for 3 months. Out of these, 40 men, 5 men did not show any improvements.

These findings were reported by the European Congress of Urology in Stockholm. Dr. Antonio Pastore, author of the study stated that the study has been conducted on a trial basis in a smaller group, and it has to be done in a larger group to understand its effects. However, the exercises given to these men in the program are very easy to perform with no side effects and they give positive results.

Researchers stated that, the pelvic exercises used in the study have been recommended for men who have undergone prostate cancer surgery and also premature ejaculation problem temporarily. This is the 1st time research has been conducted on people who have had a lifelong ejaculation issues.

Pastore added that, by improving the time of ejaculation, these men were able to improve their sex lives, which also provided them self confidence. He further said that these pelvic floor exercises are advantageous as they do not have any side effects and also cost-effective.

In a news release Carlo Bettochi, a spokesperson stated that overcoming premature ejaculation problem in simple ways is a welcome solution. Further, as the men overcome these problems on their own terms and efforts, gives self-confidence and hence has psychological benefits as well. This research is considered as a preliminary test, which has to be verified before it is published in the medical journal.

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