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Pancake Syrup May Cause Cancer: Consumer Reports Magazine

Pancake Syrup

If you love pancake and waffle, be aware. The syrup containing caramel color may be harmful for your body. A new study report says consuming it in large quantities may lead to higher risk of developing cancer.

American magazine Consumer Reports published an article revealing some of the caramel color types contain 4-Mel, which is a potential carcinogen.
Pancake Syrup
Caramel color is often used to give the amber hue to the maple syrups and it is more common in expensive products.

The magazine tested four syrups used in pancake and found all contained the 4-Mel. The brands sampled were Quaker Oats’ Aunt Jemima Life and Original, Smucker’s Hungry Jack Original, Log Cabin Original and Pinnacle Foods’ Mrs. Butterworth’s original.

However, the Consumer Reports also found the Canadian version of Aunt Jemima Life was without this 4-Mel.

In the test the magazine found highest levels of 4-Mel in Hungry Jack. It had 36 micrograms per 1/4 cup. The lowest levels was in Log Cabin Original with 11.5 micrograms pe 1/4 cup.

Safety director of Consumer Reports, Urvashi Rangan, said it is a matter of concern as the 4-Mel has been shown to cause cancer in mice. She also added that even though their sample was small in size and they cannot recommend one brand over another, but as people consume the syrup so it is likely to increase cancer risk.

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