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Over-Weight Father Risks Autism In Kids: Study

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Researchers say they have come down to a conclusion after a recent study that kids with thinner dads does not have the risk of autism, but it increases if the father is obese even though the mother is not.

The study followed about 93,000 Norwegian children and found those who were born to obese fathers had twice risk of developing autism. However, only 0.3 percent of the kids were diagnosed with the odds where as the children with normal-weight dads turned to have autism by 0.14 percent.
obesity man
The study is published in the Pediatrics magazine and this is the first time research has been done to link father’s obesity with children.

Dr. Pal Suren from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health in Oslo said it is not very clear whether the extra pounds of the dad causes odds in children, but it is sure there is an indirect association.

The surprising fact for the researchers was that mother’s obesity was not linked though earlier studies pointed to such connection.

Dr Suren said more research work is required to understand why only father’s weight is associated with the autism risk of children.

In the study of 93,000 children the researchers found 419 of them were diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder and it also included 25 such children who were diagnosed with autistic disorder. All the children were followed until age 7.

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