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Obesity Paradox: Being Obese Is No More a Curse!


More than sixty percent of Australians are reported to be obese and overweight. According to OECD data, when it comes to the matter of weight for the Australians, they make the 4th biggest nation.

obesity paradox

Being obese is perceived to be a defect in the human body, and maintaining a healthy BMI is necessary to prevent the same. Maintaining a proper Body Mass Index is the best way to prevent such health related issues in life that may occur especially during the latter half.

Research suggests that some people classified as obese have a better chance to survive the chronic disease, which is caused by obesity at the first place. It is labeled as the obesity paradox!

The best way to measure the body fat in relation to height is the BMI scale. It is easy to determine if he/she is carrying too much of fat. However, many experts such as the head of clinical obesity research John Dixon at Baker IDI Heart & Diabetes Institute believe that the Body Mass Index (BMI) is not that reliable and it’s not an accurate way of determining if someone is healthy or not, since it may differ from person to person, their health issues, age, and other factors.

The evidences for obesity paradox discovered that overweight people have greater chances to survive diabetes, renal-failure, heart-failure and coronary heart diseases. A recent study suggests that being overweight can protect people from the causes of death in many cases. But Dixon despite all researches explains that heavier people are easier to be treated for all forms of cancer as they have more muscles and fat when the people are under stress.

If a person with a low BMI and another having higher BMI have high cholesterol, there’s strong evidence that the person having high BMI has a better chance of survival. Proietto states that it could be possible because obese people are generally being treated already for cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Further researches are being carried out on this matter to explain as to why overweight people have a better chance of surviving.

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