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Obamacare Receives 3 Million Sign-Ups By February: Official Data

Barack Obama

By the end of February three million people in America had signed up under the new health care law of President Barack Obama for Medicaid, reveals the administration on Friday based on the first full accounting since it was implemented six months ago.
Barack Obama
The administration adds many of the sign up are newly eligible because of the expansion of Medicaid. Several others who came forward were not enrolled earlier even being eligible as it required to carry insurance or risk paying a fine.

The figure of three million is bound to rise in totality as few states didn’t report their numbers and also the counting has not included the March sign-ups.

Earlier this week, it was roughly calculated that around 7 million Americans have signed up.

Health and Human Services Secretary Kkathleen Sebelius said the figure is encouraging but for the government more work is left to ensure millions of uninsured people eligible for the programs gain coverage.

Though three million seems to be a lower figure than what was determined earlier under the new law, but it is also a fact the new number does not include duplicate applications and renewals as well. Hence, it is a solid figure.

The Congressional Budget Office estimates around 8 million people will sign up by the end of this year.

The data was released by Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

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