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Novartis On A Roll with the All New LCZ696


Novartis has a reason to rejoice now with the Data Monitoring Center [DMC] collectively recommending that they can wrap up their testing of the PARADIGM-HF study, which was done on patients with chronic heart failures with reduced ejection fraction (HF-REF). NovartisThese patients had been given the drug LCZ696 and the results were incredible. They actually saw that the patients seemed to live longer without being hospitalized for cardiac arrests or cardio vascular failures. These results were compared to patients who received the standard ACE-inhibitor, such as enalapril. Based on the results found, the drug was said to be extremely effective and its purpose was in essence met. This will bring the testing phase to an early close.

“Novartis recognizes the huge global need for treatments that extend and improve the lives of people with heart failure and we believe LCZ696’s unique mechanism of action could be transformative,” said Tim Wright, Global Head of Development, Novartis Pharmaceuticals. “This result is a demonstration of our commitment to developing innovative medicines that have an impact on the most important outcomes like cardiovascular mortality.”

The results and analysis will be submitted at a large scale medical conference and post that Novartis will take its efforts global to discuss it marketing approach and strategies. They will first seek the approval of such strategies. “The results of PARADIGM-HF are truly impressive” said Dr. Milton Packer, Professor and Chair for the Department of Clinical Sciences at University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Texas, USA and one of the two Principal Investigators. “The finding that treatment with LCZ696 was superior to currently recommended doses of enalapril has profound implications for the care of patients with chronic heart failure. We now have compelling evidence that supports LCZ696 as a new cornerstone in the management of chronic heart failure.”

The LCZ696 needs to be taken twice a day to prevent heart failures and is a first-of-its-kind medication that has a multiple-pronged approach on the neurohormonal systems of the heart. What it essentially does is block the receptors exerting harmful effects while along the way promoting protective mechanisms. The LCZ696 is the second treatment being worked on by Novartis for people with heart failures, the other one being RLX030 (Serelaxin) for acute heart failure. Studies for the LCZ696 started back in December 2009, and are as of now the largest clinical trial for heart failures to be ever conducted.

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