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Not Getting Enough Sleep Makes Your Face Look Like Hell

sleep loss

There may be more than a million reasons why one should get good sleep at night, but one important reason is that you tend to look terrible when you are exhausted.

A latest research published in the Sleep journal writes the eyes get more swollen and red when you don’t sleep properly at night. It also adds the eyelids get droopier and skin becomes more wrinkled.
sleep loss
One another study points out that having a good eight hours of sleep at night makes our faces appear more healthier and more beautiful compared to the faces of those people who stay up all night.

Well, there’s a question raised that why our eyes and skin seem so affected.

The answer to it is that it is due to water retention and also as the skin of our upper and lower eyelids are thinnest on our body, says Dr Sherrin F. Ibrahim , M.D., Ph.D., assistant professor in the Department of Dermatology at the University of Rochester Medical Center.

Dr Ibrahim adds that changes in hydration are reflected in the thin skin easily compared to other skins of our body. He also said, “Usually when people are up late, if they’re doing something, they’re usually drinking or partying or crying, and that is more of a contributor to why their eyes might be puffier.”

However, it is still not known as to how the sleep affects water retention.

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