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New Test Detects Prostate Cancer 80% Accurately


With the latest technology it is easy to predict prostate cancer. It is said with the help of new biopsy test one can identify the high risk of it to about 80 percent accuracy.

The existing methods of identifying the high-risk recurring prostate cancer are not perfect. The new “genetic signature” test will now help doctors to determine which patients need extra care after the initial surgery or radiotherapy.
Lead scientist Professor Robert Bristow said those men who fail to get the treatment within two years of the initial treatment are at highest risk of dying.

Prof Bristow is from University of Toronto, Canada.

Once the prostate cancer is identified with the new test, the patients are offered with additional treatments such as hormone or chemo therapy for fight against the disease throughout the entire body and not only on the prostate. This improves the chances of survival.

In the study the researchers analyzed the biopsy tissue samples of more than 100 treated men with prostate cancer and were thought of returning the disease. They were able to identify the signature patterns which were linked to high or low risk of recurring cancer.

In one secondary study by the researchers it was found the tumors were affected by hypoxia, which means starved of oxygen, and those were most associated with worse survival.

Researchers said when the signature was combined with the additional information, the genetic test became more accurate.

Researchers presented the results of the study at ESTRO33, the 33rd meeting of the European Society for Radiotherapy and Oncology in Vienna, Austria.

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