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New Study Says Aspirin Increase Chances Of Conception

Aspirin Increase

There is good news for women who have issues with conceiving after miscarriage. A recent study published in Lancet shows that low doses of aspirin boosts fertility.

Aspirin Increase

Data shows that around 14,000 women from Ireland face miscarriage every year, inclusive of 500 women have still born. Dr. Declan Keane, the Director of Repro Med clinic, has reported that there is new hope for single mothers and couples now. Although aspirin should be taken after prior consultation with physician, small doses taken after consultation, can work as fertility boosters. 62% of women on the trial could give birth to their child after taking controlled doses of aspirin. The complications during child birth were also averted.

The researchers have shared the reason for such positive response. Aspirin increases the flow of blood into the womb, which is found to be beneficial especially in difficult pregnancies. The chances of conception increases and there are lesser chances to have still birth.

Researchers from the National Institutes of Health in the United States, have a parallel belief. They had conducted a trial on 1078 women who had a pregnancy loss earlier. In their medical history they had reflected taking dosage of aspirin regularly. When these groups of women were administered with low dosage of aspirin for their second pregnancy, they reflected positive results. So, it cannot be entirely stated that aspirin has effects on pregnancy loss rates in general. Improved results were seen in women who had a single, recent pregnancy loss showed increased pregnancy rates and chances of delivering healthy baby were increased.

Research proves aspirin is beneficial for women who had one to two miscarriages previously. It particularly has shown positive effects in women, among whom embryo has failed to establish in the uterus lining, resulting in difficulties in pregnancy. Acknowledgement and awareness of recent developments is essential to physicians, for betterment in women’s health.

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