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A New Study Confirms The Chances Of Food Poisoning Increases On Eating Out!

If you are inclined to eating in restaurants and eateries, you might have increased your risk to food poisoning by two folds. Researchers have drawn conclusions after analyzing the data from Centre for Disease control and Prevention based on a nine year study.  The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) has observed more than 10408 food poisoning outbreaks that had taken place from 2002 to 2011. In 1610 outbreaks around twenty eight thousand people had suffered from food poisoning due to eating outside in restaurants. For those who ate at home, only thirteen thousand people had suffered during that period in 893 outbreaks that took place. This new study is clearly a warning to those who prefer eating outside home food on a regular basis.

The CSPI researchers have reasons to believe that the actual number of patients who suffer from food poisoning every year may go undetected as every case is not even registered. The health official still estimates that each year around 128,000 patients are hospitalized on grounds of stomach upset and food poisoning which accounts to one in six Americans affected. As many as 3000 people also face fatal consequences and are not able to survive. Health officials are now planning to outline food safety policies and also concentrate on outbreaks other than meat related food borne outbreaks.

Contaminated seafood, fresh produce and packaged foods are also sources of outbreaks. CSPI researchers have revealed that restaurant meals have high risks to be contaminated with E. coli, hepatitis A, Botulism, salmonella and listeria than homemade food.  The bacteria listeria is the third leading cause of deaths in food poisoning cases and is particularly deadly in pregnant women. The scientists are trying to map the genes of food poisoning microbes to better understand their effect and be prepared in case of endemics.



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