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New Measles Case Pertaining To Man Whom Used Ferry, Flew to Friday Harbor


It seems as if the man in this case could have been exposed to the virus on March 21, this is during a trip to Cask and Schooner Public House and Restaurant on Friday Harbor. The person whom developed the very first case of measles (out of five reported cases), was present during this trip. Washington has something to worry about when it comes to measles, it seems as if the numbers are continuously growing (although they’re only sitting at 12 people currently).
The man, whom is in his 40s, was travelling around Puget Sound just last week, in which time he was contagious with the disease. He went from Bainbridge Island to Seattle on the ferry known as “Tacoma”, then proceeded to fly to Friday Harbor.

This means that he not only put a boatload of people at risk, but also an aeroplane full of people. Although I’m sure he meant no harm, it’s still something that should be looked into. Public health officials are warning people to take extra precautions regarding this matter, as measles is highly contagious. Many people in Washington are actually immune to the disease, but it’s the people who aren’t that should be worried (as if that wasn’t common sense!). To be specific, if you were in the areas the man has visited (such as San Juan County or the restaurant itself) you may want to take extra special care of yourself for the next couple of weeks.

The symptoms of measles usually appear around 21 days after the initial exposure, so you aren’t going to be aware of the diseases presence right away. It’s only contagious for around 4 days after the initial rash appears, but it’s still important to be careful.

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